Apr 23, 2011


*Pro Pics: {{Getting Ready}}

If you would like to repost any of my pictures, please credit my photographer Brandy Wine.

I could NEVER have imagined a more perfect day!!!

Despite being off to a shaky start by having overslept by 20 minutes, running on only 5 hours of sleep (because the club next to the hotel's bass was soooo loud until 2 a.m.), and getting lost 3 times on the way to the restaurant for the bridal brunch, it ended up being everything I ever dreamed and more.

When I arrived at the bridal brunch, the restaurant owner had surprised me with a HUGE floral arrangement in my wedding colors along with bridal pictures of me all over our table.  My mom, grandmother, two aunts, my 5 BMs, and I all had an amazing breakfast and some tearful moments after they opened their handkerchiefs and read their poems.  

After the brunch, my BMs and I arrived on time for our hair appointment, and my stylist was 15 minutes late getting started on us, which had me a little antsy.  But my AMAZING BMs kept me completely calm and we relaxed with mimosas as we were all beautified.  :)  I could NOT have asked for a more amazing group of girls.  The six of us got along perfectly, never any drama, always a good time.  By 2:30, we needed to leave and the stylist still had one more BM's hair to do.  When we got to the club, the BMs (and my Aunt Sylvia) all jumped in once we got to the country club to finish getting her ready and keep me laughing.

When I arrived in the bridal suite, my photographer showed up not with one but TWO assistant photographers!  I had only paid for one assistant and even THAT was a deal!  Along with the videographer, I had four photographers...I felt like a had the paparazzi following me all day.  

Everyone got ready without a single problem.  My BMs were GORGEOUS!!!

P.S.  The fans my mother and MIL are holding are from our bridal brunch.  The restaurant owner made them :)
















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Your generation ring picture is so cool! That would be a really nice photo to share with your family!

you look so pretty with your wed. gown.

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sooo pretty!!! love the generation photo!