Sep 16, 2012

I am from South Carolina and love all things weddings.

PW Friends That Inspire

Here is a list of PW friends that have inspired me.  More will be added as I locate them.


a10626   -for the BEST pro pics I have ever seen


1908girl    -for the unique and personal touches she had.

MrzLemUS    -for hair and makeup inspiration

jjpeng    -for photos and design of wedding

lex484    -for flowers and design of wedding

pmnunes83    -for engagement photos (when I saw them they weren't on her biography only it the photos)

labrumwedding    -for her wedding design.  black, white and damask.

gametight     -for her wedding style and organization

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Great list of lovely brides!

This is so sweet that you made this page! 

1908girl    -for the unique and personal touches she had....Awwww!   I'm gonna cry.  What a compliment!  Thanks Krosa!!! :)  Big Hug!!!