Apr 23, 2011


*They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

 In January 2011, I was honored to be asked to be a PW Hostess!  I stepped down in September 2011 to further my photography business, but I will always be a hostess at heart (no pun intended).  I've "met" the most amazing ladies here, and they are all truly beautiful inside and out.  :)


In March 2011, I won the Do a Friend a Favor Giveaway.  Register for these things people!  They work!



On April 23, 2011 I married my best friend, Robert.  :)  I made the list!  

Sat, April 23 - Legentry  <----------
Sat, April 23 - slacroix 
Sat, April 23 - Caelasmom 
Sat, April 23 - Judiejaz 
Sat, April 23 - alexaruble 
Sat, April 23 - graylove 
Sat, April 23 - kkbrown7023 
Sat, April 23 - Nik_1_T 


On April 30, 2011, Starbux featured me as Pic of the Week in the Bling Brides Group.  



On August 4, 2011, No Impact Bride blogged our engagement session and love story.  Later in the month, it featured my bridal shoot and our wedding in the blog as well.  Chamonix did a fantastic job, and I was honored to be the spear-header of the "Real Weddings" section.  




On September 16, 2011, I was honored to be featured as PW's Bio of the Week!  


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Aw how sweet!! We do love you- we really, really do! :P