Jun 06, 2011


My DIY Ketubah illustration

A Ketubah is the Jewish Marriage Contract, which is an extremely important document, (painted on an extremely expensive canvas, I might add! Must have a steady hand and nerves of steal for this project!) It is signed in order to protect the rights of the Jewish wife and to illustrate the husband's responsibilities towards her. It is hung in the couple's home for all to see and is an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

I have looked far and wide, and didn't find any Ketubah artwork that felt like 'us'. Being a published illustrator myself, who happens to be Israeli and therefore fluent in Hebrew, I figured it would be pretty silly not to take on this task personally.

So here it is! I am so glad it's finished! :)

My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 1My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 2My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 3My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 4My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 5My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 6

The very tired illustrator at work. Worked on this baby until 2 am two nights straight, hence the pj's. Those are our white puffs for the ceremony ceiling decor, that seem to be attached to my head.

My DIY Ketubah illustration photo 7

Does this qualify as the first Shabby Chic Ketubah? :P


(5) Comments

These pictures are absolutely amazing and your wedding was just stunning! I was transported to a bygone era looking at these. Just amazing and your dress is to die for!


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how beautiful! I never knew of this tradition, but what a lovely symbol of your marriage