Aug 25, 1965


Totally free Internet Site Traffic - 7 W

How several techniques can you get free of charge net site visitors? Who knows, but here are some to get you started. Hopefully there will be 1 or two approaches right here that you haven't yet attempted.

1. Submit your net website to search engines. Don't wait for them to discover you. You can automatically submit to 20 at You will have to submit manually to Google (

2. Directories. Do a search for niche directories for the topic of your web site. Just sort in "directory + on the internet games," or whatever your website is about. There are also numerous general directories that accept submissions for free of charge. The primary value of directories is not direct targeted traffic, nevertheless. It is the links that help your ranking (and for that reason site visitors) with the search engines.

3. Forums. A wonderful source of targeted traffic for some web sites. Speak about items of interest to you, and get free targeted traffic to your internet website (often sign off with a link). You could want to link to subscription pages for newsletters or e-courses you provide, to get maximum repeat visits from the traffic.

4. Free classifieds. Discover supplementary info on our favorite partner article by going to There are many areas that you can advertise for free, even though handful of of them seem to be of any value. Test a little, and go with the ones that deliver.

5. Exchange Links. Exchanging links with other internet web sites can get you free visitors in two methods: targeted traffic from the web site, and visitors from the search engines, due to the fact the link assists your ranking with them.

6. Give testimonials. Do you really like an e-book or other on the web product? Tell the author, and let her know she can use your testimonial. Mention that you'd appreciate it if she left the link to your website (under your name) active. We discovered by browsing Yahoo. Good testimonials are important, and you have probably seen them with a name and link attached.

7. In the event people need to identify further about link emperor, we know of many online resources people could pursue. If you believe any thing, you will probably choose to check up about per your request. Write articles. A great way to create totally free web internet site site visitors. In reality, thats what this article is about, and I have to tell you that there are at least ten more methods to get cost-free visitors in my newsletter. You may want to visit the web site and sign up..

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