Dec 17, 2011


How we met

I happened to tell my one friend I needed to meet new guys... Well this led to her giving Linton and I each others "mxit" contacts. mxit is an instant mobile phone messaging service in sa. Turns out, my friend told him she was setting us up and told me it was all just friendship... o and they met in a mxit chatroom so Linton and I indirectly met online... We chatted the monday night and met for coffee the tuesday, well us and one of my other friends.. That night he told the girl who "set us up", this is the girl I'm going to marry... He asked me out that night on mxit and I turned him down, we had literally just met... anyway long story short a week and a half later we were dating :) If you wondering the Friday after we met was when I knew he was the one...

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Aww, such a cute story for a super-cute couple!

Welcome to PW!!! ;)

Congrats and Welcome to PW. Happy planning!!!!