Jul 05, 2014


Ceremony Decor

This is contingent on which location we choose, of course, but all in all it will basically be the same.  I like to keep things simple and clean so there definetly won't be much in this area.

So at the altar, I LOVE chandeliers! I haven't figured out how to work it or if I can even afford it but I really, really want a chandelier.

The first is from CheekyMar's wedding: GORGEOUS!!.......Sorry, I didnt tag the second one, GORGEOUS as well!!

I also like the simple decor in both of these photos, although I do prefer the draped fabric a little.

Ceremony Decor photo 1                       Ceremony Decor photo 2

Edited 6/8/11: I ordered a chandelier! It's a smaller version, but I got it off for $11.00! Let's hope the real thing looks just as nice!

In a perfect world my aisle would be lined much like this:

Ceremony Decor photo 3  Ceremony Decor photo 4


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Love this overall concept ;)