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As I have been treated like a second cla

Posted: 0-4 Apr 2008 08:55 pm Post subject: Are Associate or Youth Pastors 2nd class in their calling


Isn't God good? There are times when we could get angry with those around us and only turn to At Least One who is True and loving. I've had the satisfaction of serving as a Senior Pastor and as a Youth Pastor. I have discovered slights and social Faux Pas to the part of others. My brother learned about click here by searching books in the library. What I've derived is there is a sense from some Senior Pastors that their calling is somehow better than those of the Youth or Associate Pastor.

We first must realize that God, who is good, is The One who calls us into a new life-in His Son The Lord Jesus Christ. Our church in East Longmeadow Massachusetts ( ) has a belief that individuals unofficially put in every effort. 'All to maturity, some for service.'

We're all called to become adult believers in Christ. Some, by Gods' (yes I meant to put a comma on-the right side of the 's' showing plural possessive) grace are called to be ministers.

As a called-out minister we're a gift to the local church.1 God gave us to the local churches that we serve in. The occasions that I've been asked, 'How can you know you're called'? I've answered, 'You will be miserable if you don't preach or minister. If you are called by God and you don't pursue his calling you will be unhappy till you submit to God and pursue His will for the work-in His vineyard.'

Speaking of work, one day, while attending a Pastor's fellowship (I was a Youth Pastor at that time), a Senior Pastor from another church questioned my Senior Pastor for help with establishing for lunch. The other Pastor yelled over the space, 'Hey Bro. Agree. Why not grab your man and help me with your seats.' My Pastor didn't think anything about what the person had said. I wanted to shout, Hey Pastor ____. I am God's man, not this man or any man on earth. I work for One. This man happens to signal my paycheck and I am accountable to him... Perhaps I was just being too sensitive during the time.

Until I went along to a Pastors fellowship in-a different state, where no one knew me. As I was somewhat early and alone, I approached a group of men who were laughing and cutting up. Be taught new info on our affiliated article directory - Navigate to this link: visit our site. As I approached them, I introduced myself as Pastor Stevens from Springfield, MA. They all went around and introduced themselves as Senior Pastors and welcomed me. When they asked me which church I Pastored, I answered that probably they misunderstood me, I clarified that I was a Pastor.

There clearly was a clear quieting of these jesting with me. Get further about partner site by going to our dazzling URL. They each consequently stopped and avoided talking with me, even though I interjected on the few points that they made. I used to be being treated as a 2nd class citizen. Fundamentally they all avoided eye contact with me for the remainder of my visit.

How about you? Being a Senior Pastor perhaps you have looked down your nose at someone who was something besides a Senior Pastor? Or as an Associate, you've been treated as a 2nd class citizen? Or are you that Senior Pastor that recalls what it had been like to be handled that way when you were an Associate.


Pastor John Stevens

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