Nov 05, 2011


Decorations & Stationary & DIY items!

Our Centerpieces

Inspiration photo 1<----Inspiration

<--- Actual


Our Save The Date Logo

Inspiration photo 2

I designed the STD myself

Our Invitations

Inspiration photo 3<----- Sample

I typed out and printed all of the invitations

<---- MOH receiving

her invitation

<--- Invitation op

ened up and laid out


Our Cake

This a photoshopped version of our cake. It will be 3 Tier- buttercream- sunflowers and a Sangria colored ribbon around each tier.

Inspiration photo 4 <--Inspiration



I made the ribbon myself and took off the flowers- I think it matched the feel of the cake topper perfectly!

Our Cake Topper

Inspiration photo 5 <---- Inspiration

The Joker and Harley Quinn <3



I wrote the little sign which reads "Just Married D heart T"

Our Signature Drinks

We have 3 holiday inspired drinks. 1st Red Velvet Cake 2nd Pumpkin Pie 3rd Apple Pie

And they taste DELISH!

Next to each drink I posted our personal signs that I have made up that will go in each frame next to the corresponding drink.

Inspiration photo 6





::sigh:: I made all the signs for the drinks and the photog was SO busy shooting us she did NOT get a photo of the sig drinks ::cries:: Everyone who had them said they were delish!


Our Framed Events

I am displaying 3 frames at the reception. 2 frames will have our birthdays and the last one will have our wedding date.

FI's birthday is February 2nd, so I listed all of the events that occured on February 2nd and celebrity birthdates. I also wrote down which events took place in 1978- the year he was born.

My birthday is November 6th, so I went ahead and followed the same format from above. For the year partI put 1984 since that was the year I was born.

We are getting married on November 5th, so I again followed the same format as above and this time for the year part I put 2011. I think it would be a great conversation piece for the wedding.


 Our Thumbprint Guestbook Tree


I made this myself, and I will be sending it to Staples to be printed on a 17" x 24" poster board.


< ---- Full size

My MOH made the origrami birds :)

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I love your thumbprint tree!!! <3 You had such a beautiful wedding.

They are very very very delicious.... :)

I want one of each of your drinks!!!

I agree with the other posts... your signature drink idea is great!!!! ;) And your logo is super cute too!