Nov 05, 2011


Dresses and Jewels!

Let's start from the top.....

My Tiara

Dresses and Jewels photo 1

My Jewelry!

My Engagement Ring

Dresses and Jewels photo 3

My Wedding Bands

Dresses and Jewels photo 4

My Dress

I have a picture of my dress with ME IN IT below.

My Shoes

Badgley Mischka- Elia Platforms

I have changed my shoes for the night to these purple Eruo Soft Shoes

They are SUPER comfy and will match the girls shoes.


Bridesmaids Dresses

Dresses and Jewels photo 6

The sash that is not shown will be in the color of Sangria.

BM's Headpieces

Maid of Honor's Dress

Mother Of The Bride's Dress

But in black

(5) Comments
I am in love with the bracelet! I'm looking for one just like it :). Its all gorgeous!

I have the same exact Badgley Mischka "Elia"  shoes except mine are in champagne. Love them. great choice.

I love your ring. It's amazing :)

I love your ring. It's beautiful.