Jul 16, 2011


DIY Stationery

Our invitations...

I'm really proud to show these off because I pretty much did everything by hand except for ordering the parts and printing everything at FedEx Office.  But I measured, cut, and glued them all together and they came out quite well.  My invitees were all really impressed!  =)  (Sorry for such crude images, but I took these with my iPhone and don't really have a better camera to take them with.  I'm sure there will be better pro pics later on.)

Our invitations photo 1 

Our invitations photo 2

Our invitations photo 3


Ceremony Fan Programs

These are a lot of work but the final product is well worth it!  I was supposed to use 110 lb. cardstock but I didn't feel like ordering and waiting for some so I just used 80 lb.  They serve the program purpose but aren't fully functional as fans but they still work..  =)




~Table Name Cards~

Here are my table name cards and stands.  I LOVE these vintage table card holders that I bought from a fellow PW bride after her wedding!!  I will be selling them also after my wedding so if anyone is interested you can PM me now ;)  I DIY'd the table name cards, of course.


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beautiful invites! I am a fellow oregon bride!

Those are super nice!!!

LOVE your invitations ;) The colors are perfect!