Jan 08, 1974


Necessary Hair 'Do's.' New Study Shows A

Over are the times of the weekly 'wash and set' at the beauty salon. Today-no matter what type of hair you have-there are hairstyles and products made for you.

A new online poll commissioned by Regis Corporation and conducted by Impulse Re-search Corporation of 1,631 women across the U.S. reveals that most of them aren't using today's 'hair technology.' According to their studies, Regis has put-together a list of some crucial hair 'do's':

• Change Your Color With the Seasons: With today's advancements in color, you can lowlight, highlight or mix it-up. Regis Salons' Mary Gail Hall suggests coordinating your color to the amount of sun in a period. 'In summer time, add highlights to your own hair to lighten it up. In the fall, then add lowlights for your hair and go somewhat darker.'

Protect your color with specially formulated wash for color-treated hair, which keeps the color true, • Protect Your Hair Color: If you are among the 71.3 per cent of girls who color their hair. A number of the most popular include Regis designLINE Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, Matrix color.smart and Redken Color Extend.

• Use Styling Products: Practically all the women interviewed (98.9 percent) use conditioner, but less than 50 percent of these use any style or finishing products and services, such as for instance spray, gel, polish, pomade or glow falls. With today's advancements in hair technology, style products and services make most of the huge difference in your style's look and function. Product-focused salons such as for example Trade Secret hold all of the top, professional hair care manufacturers, including Paul Mitchell, Sebastian and Matrix. Not sure that one to work with? Deal Secret's designers and beauty analysts can suggest the ideal solution for your hair type. Discover further on our favorite partner portfolio - Visit this website: web address.

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