Jul 31, 2011


{My Bridal Shower}

The theme is "Pretty in Pink". Pink is my fav color. It will be hosted by my mom and aunt.

This is my dress and shoes

My Bridal Shower photo 1My Bridal Shower photo 2




My aunt hosted the party in her beautiful backyard. They both came together and threw me a shower out of this world. My beautiful mother made all of the manquin centerpieces. 

Non Pro Pics:

The table centerpieces













The Details


The napkins and favor. Inside the bridal gowns were different shades of pink polish


The Guestbook



The Game Prizes





My mom made the heart


My granny, me, and my two foster daughters


My beautiful grannys :)


Me & Dad


Will post pros as soon as I get them

(4) Comments
Wow!!! Everything turned out gorgeous :))) And your centerpieces are to die for! How did you come up with such a beautiful and creative idea?

oh wow!! I love the outfit!! You look fabulous!! And the decor is great!!

i love your shower, the centerpeice idea is great!!

OMG I love this dress, and of course I love the shoes.