Jul 08, 2011


The Beloved Venue

Somehow I deleted this page in my bio! I am so sad that I lost all of the wonderful comments that were previously posted here :(

Anyhow, the gist of it is that, as soon as we were engaged, I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to have the wedding. It was an historic estate, with beautiful grounds for the ceremony and a stunning mansion interior for the reception. There were multiple rooms available to us: a place for cocktail hour, another for dining and dancing, another for quiet conversation, and so on. We visited it and loved it. But we also realized that we would never be able to accommodate 140 guests.

Instead, we found Manor House at Commonwealth, an 18th century fieldhouse that was massively expanded and renovated throughout the years... basically a historic estate with beautiful grounds for the ceremony and a stunning mansion interior for the reception! It has multiple rooms for cocktail hour, dining and dancing, quiet conversation, and so on ;) We fell in love as soon as we saw the sweeping view from the ballroom and the stunning wraparound veranda overlooking the grounds. It was perfect.

Here is the photo I saw in a magazine that made me book an appointment in the first place... even though we're getting married in the summer!

The Beloved Venue photo 1

This is what the front looks like - it's much more grand in person <3

The Beloved Venue photo 2    The Beloved Venue photo 3

This is the back, and the back at night

The Beloved Venue photo 4The Beloved Venue photo 5

I love the linens that they provide for us! We even based our color scheme around them!

The Beloved Venue photo 6 The Beloved Venue photo 7

I love this 18th century stonewall behind the cake table

The Beloved Venue photo 8

Ceremony shots on the grounds - we'll be getting married there weather permitting!
The Beloved Venue photo 9  The Beloved Venue photo 10

The view from the veranda

The Beloved Venue photo 11 

I can't wait to be married here!!! 

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I can see why the venue is beautiful!!