Oct 27, 2012


How We Met...

I actually met my FI at the one place in my home town I said "I would NEVER met someone for Keeps!" lolWe were at our local bar and a friend of mine (that I had gone to Chicago with for St. Patrick's Day the previous weekend) called and said to meet him up at our local bar. When I got there, he introduced me to his guy friends that were with him. Instantly, I thought, "this guy is kinda cute", and as the night went on I also realized he was funny and super nice. We exchanged numbers and actually saw each other the next night. He practically ignored me the next night. I thought he was SO not interested. Well about a week went by and he called and asked me out. It was a nice low key night and we made plans to meet again in a few days. Well, that was it! After that next night we were Inseparable!! He is everything I was looking for and nothing like what I thought I wanted. He reminds me of my Dad and I laugh cause that is so "cliche". I am so blessed to have him in my life.


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awww, beautiful story!!!

Love it!!!

What a cute story!! I love it!!

Awwww!!  Cute story about how you met your FI!