Nov 12, 2011


Inspiration from the Lovely PW ladies!

Inspirations from these lovely ladies have helped shaped my idea as of what I want in the wedding!

From daluvely I am using silver with my jade and purple and adding some bling. It's a little different and I'm wanting more jade with the purple but she deserves the credit


From Gatewood2be I am inspired by this wonderful CP:

Inspiration from the Lovely PW ladies photo 1I want to put feathers underneath and use an eiffel tower vase and the colors will be different:ivory boa on the bottom of the ball and various color fabric flowers

From Phannie I am attempting to make tote bags and emergency kits for the ladies and hangover kits for the men! I want different design tote bags for each BM/MOH and I plan to do an iron transer

The DIY projects photo 4The DIY projects photo 1

From Pknguyen22, I am wanting to make these awesome wraparound labels!

Inspiration from the Lovely PW ladies photo 2

From Labrum, I LOVE this saying and want something similar with a different background and her black hoodie inestead of a white one. But the bling inspiration itself is from Nicoleblanc! she did it herself~Black, Invitations, Nightmare before christmas~My DIY Blinged Out Mrs Hoodie~

 Let me know if I missed credit where it's due. I just want to thank these ladies because it's making me feel like it's all coming together!!!

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I love your garter idea, your wedding is going to be awesome!

awww thank you!! i inspired someone!

... I was inspired by your monogram before I came up with mine while messing around :)