Jun 19, 1989


Professional & Company Mortgage Affiliat

We're promoting extremely large profits just for making referrals to our company. It's appropriate, there is no license required to get commissions on commercial mortgage loan referrals so long as the loan are produced from one corporation to another corporation. To research more, please consider glancing at: tour app-v sequencing.

Only direct clients that want a commercial loan. We do all of the work. You Obtain Paid.

Get other people to become Affiliates. They refer customers to us. Rate Us Online includes further about the inner workings of it. We do all of the work. You Receive Paid.

Your Affiliates also can get the others to become Affiliates; their Affiliates will be your Sub-Affiliates. Those Sub-Affiliates refer customers to us. We do most of the work. You Obtain Paid.

You will receive two pay-outs o-n all deals:

Pay-out # 1 is really a proportion of the Original Loan Packaging cost (I.L.P), which can be paid to you up-front. Going To website likely provides lessons you might use with your friend. That is based on the loan size. This is not always charged to consumers, it is dependent upon the amount of work involved.

A huge number of the Original Loan Packaging Fee would go to you o-n deals that you send.

You will also receive five full minutes of the appearance payment from your Affiliates

and five full minutes from your Sub-Affiliates' offers.

Example: Over a $1,400,000 package the Original Loan Packaging cost is $2,500. Dig up further on our favorite related encyclopedia - Visit this web site: in english. You'll get a huge number of the Original Loan Packaging Fee at that time of-the ap-plication which is $250.

Payment no 2 can be your commission (Com.) THESE ARE THE BIG CHECKS. Your fee is a share of the Success Fee that people receive from the Lender if the loan is funded. This payment may be from three or four and up of the loan amount.

Example: You'll get a fee of 30 % on the items charged to the client on each loan. So, on that $1.4 million-dollar loan with 3% charged the sum total achievement fee to Real Business Loans, LLC would be $42,000 and your payment would be $12600, as well as the up-front Initial Loan Packaging fee that you received, with little or no work on your part.

When your affiliates earn commissions commissions are also received by you.

Below is an example of how having a few Affiliates could make you money even when you're perhaps not doing anything.

Agenda A


Your Referrals

The client is REFERRED by you.

WE do all the Work.

You receive paid.

Mortgage Amount $1,400,000

Preliminary Mortgage Appearance Payment $2,500

Your Preliminary Loan Packaging Price proportion 10%

You will get paid within that week $250

Three minutes Success Fee $42,000

Your Achievement Payment Proportion 30%

Paid for you upon closing $12,600

Degree 1 Your Internet Recommendations

There's no necessity to accomplish something here.

The client is Referred by your Affiliate.

We Do all The Work.

Your affiliate and you receive money.

Mortgage Amount $1,400,000

Preliminary Loan Packaging Charge $2,500

Your Initial Mortgage Presentation Cost proportion five hundred

You receive paid within that week $125

Three minutes Success Fee $42,000

Your Success Payment Percent 5%

Paid for you upon ending $2100

Level 2 Your sub-affiliates Referrals

There's no necessity to accomplish such a thing here either.

the Sub-Affiliate refers the customer.

We Do every One Of The Work.

you, your affiliate and Sub-Affiliate get paid.

Mortgage Amount $1,400,000

Initial Loan Packaging Price $2,500

Your Initial Loan Appearance Payment portion five full minutes

You receive paid within that week $125

3% Success Fee $42,000

Your Achievement Fee Proportion 5%

Paid to you upon closing $2100

In the event the possibility of making all this money with no work at all on your own part is ok with you then please visit us online at to join up now!.

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