May 04, 2013

Married since May 4th 2013, and happy to offer wedding planning tips from experience!

Engagement Announcement

We waited a week after getting engaged to tell people. I called my family and close friends right away, but we waited a week in order to announce it to his side of the family in person, on his graduation day!

After the graduation ceremony we all came back to our apartment, his brother, parents, grandparents, and both sets of aunts and uncles. He made an announcement thanking everyone for coming, and told them that the weekend before, we got engaged!

Engagement Announcement photo 1

Our engagement picnic celebration the day after we got engaged:

Engagement Announcement photo 2

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Ditto everyone else that you guys are so cute together!! Can't wait to see your wedding come together!

You two are so cute! You're going to have an adorable wedding!! twoo looks awesome adorable..

I LOVE all of your ideas! Your wedding will be absolutely stunning.