Apr 23, 2011


*Non Pros: {{Bridal Brunch}}

The morning of the wedding, my grandmother hosted a bridesmaid brunch for the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, me, and my bridesmaids at The Concord Cove Restaurant.  The owner of the restaurant had a huge floral centerpiece and photos from my bridal session all over the party room.  It was beautiful.  And the food was awesome too.  It was nice to unwind and enjoy the company of all of the amazing women I have in my life.

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 1

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 2Bridesmaid Brunch photo 3

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 4Bridesmaid Brunch photo 5

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 6

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 7

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 8Bridesmaid Brunch photo 9

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 10

Bridesmaid Brunch photo 11

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