Apr 10, 1985


Connecting for Fun and Pro-fit

Well actually, relating is not fun at all. In fact, it is very tedious. Seeking, answering demands and adding links does take time and energy. But, if you are not definitely building the proper way to links you are planning to be left out. Put simply, your site is likely to be 'Lost in Cyber-space.' The plain simple truth is Google, and to a smaller degree, other important search engines, reward sites with links from relevant and important pages.

If you'd like your site to supply a great deal of specific search engine traffic (and who does not?) there are two equally essential factors:

1) lots of keyword-rich, search engine friendly content

2) plenty of related, incoming links in the RIGHT sources

For real success you need to cover BOTH these methods. Do not pay attention to one and not the other.

So, how do you go about creating your links? It's maybe not rocket science, but when I said, it takes time and effort. From my own personal experiences, here's what you must do:

1) Download and install the Google Toolbar:

This will show you the PageRank of the page you're seeing. PageRank is a measure, scored from 1 to 1-0, of the 'value' that Google gives to that page. There's been a great deal discussing PageRank. That you do not need to become obsessed with it but it's an important consideration when deciding WHO to link to. A link from a PR-5 page is worth MUCH more than the usual PR-0 page.

2) Set up a source or links directory on your site. Allowing potential link partners observe that you are willing to trade links. You should allow it to be clear on your links pages what your linking plan is i.e. under what circumstances you'll consent to trade links.

3) Your goal must be to create a source directory that is relevant to your company. Be taught supplementary information on this partner article directory by visiting link emperor forum. Don't try and create a little Yahoo with umpteen different categories. Keep your index focussed on your site design. When you first begin you'll be likely to link to anybody as a swap for a link FROM anybody. It is a mistake. Browsing To small blue arrow certainly provides suggestions you could tell your sister. Be patient and choose your link partners carefully.

4) Before requesting a link from another site, put that site to your listing. Because you believe their site could be of interest to your visitors (and therefore it should) contact the webmaster and tell them their link was added by you. Provide the website where your link is situated and require a return link, along with guidelines how you would like your link worded. NEVER need by saying such things as 'should you not link to us we will eliminate your link.'

5) 3 days send a polite follow up - When you have not received an answer after 2. Get new information on this partner URL by visiting linkempereor. Again, don't desire. No one is under any obligation to link to you. If you don't receive a response to your second request it means that the webmaster doesn't want to link to you, or they're just too busy to respond. If so, keep it and move ahead. I get lots of link requests per day. Sometimes it takes me weeks to bypass to performing. You'll go crazy worrying about links that have not been reciprocated. Your time is much better spent.

6) When you get a link request go to the site and always check that it meets with your specifications as set down in your link pages. Is it an excellent site with good content or perhaps a 'link farm'? If it doesn't meet your needs don't link to it.

If it's from the top quality, large PR site the web-master MUST have already connected to your site but be prepared to overlook that breech of relating project.

7) Avoid webmasters who put your site for their 'service' which seems to nothing but a link farm i.e. does not have any useful content, just a couple of links, and asks you to link to a completely different site, one that HAS great content. These webmasters are playing you for a sucker. The power is all theirs.

8) As I said in point #1, links from large PR pages are worth significantly more than links from minimal or no PR pages. Seek out large PR linking partners but remember it is the PR of the actual page your link is on that things, NOT the PR of the home page. Put simply when the property page PR is 5, however the page your link is on is a few layers deep within the service, it will be of little benefit to you and likely have a PR of 0. Examine the PR of the actual site your link is on, or is going to be on, before agreeing to switch links.

Each page in your links directory should be a maximum of two clicks from your home page, and your linking partner's site should be the exact same. Visit site to explore the inner workings of it. If your link is positioned on the site which looks something similar to this - directory/category/subcategory/subcategory together with your link - NO value will be derived by you from that link.

9) Be ready to negotiate your links. Informed webmasters comprehend the value of links from high PR pages. If you add a link to a PR-0 page on your website do not expect your link partner to put your link on a PR-6 page, and your link partner shouldn't expect the same from you. Trade value for like value.

When you start off your site may not have any PR because of lack of incoming links. This reduces your bargaining power. However, you can over come this by having your site listed in as numerous large business directories as possible. Some of these you'll have to pay, for example Yahoo and Microsoft's Business Directory, but many more are free.

1-0) Be specific about how you want your link partner to link to you. It's MOST critical that the link to you contain your focused key-words in the anchor (related) text. When I ask for a link to my site I don't want the link name to be:

Charlie Pronger Internet Business Options

Alternatively, I ask for:

Business Site Designer

or whatever key-words I'm targeting during the time. Note: Try not to have all of your inbound links targeting the exact same keywords. This could raise an 'over-opimization' flag.

11) And finally, here is an excellent resource to help you find quality link partners. It is named Value Exchange, and can put you in contact with like-minded webmasters:

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