Jun 23, 2012


::Dress Inspiration::

In my head I pictured a sweatheart neckline, strapless, one shoulder or off shoulder. Nothing too poofy and nothing too full like a princess.

I did say yes to the dress but I'm keeping the actuall dress a secret until the big day. So stay tuned and I'll post pix after June 23rd! ;)


Dress Inspiration photo 1Dress Inspiration photo 2


Dress Inspiration photo 3Dress Inspiration photo 4


(5) Comments

I love the on shoulder idea!

I can't believe I just realized I've never seen your dress.. BOO to you =P

Only a little over a month and we'll all finally get to see it.. I bet it's gorgeous!

Heyy, I've seen your dress! I think we both had the same idea for dress inspirations! And ended up in something a lil different :) Can't wait for our dress date!!!

Im torn I love both dresses.  They are beautiful!