Jan 01, 2011


Wedding Music

We decided early on that we wanted to go with only instrumental music for our wedding. However, we weren't in love with a lot of the more traditional instrumental wedding songs out there. We wound up finding instrumental versions of a lot of modern songs, as well as works by some modern composers. I highly recommend the Vitamin String Quartet if you've got a favorite song on the radio that you want to use minus the words--they've got covers of EVERYTHING.

I've linked to samples on Amazon (you can download everything from there) but you can look them up on YouTube if you want a longer version.

~Prelude Music~

1. Ash Grove--Anthony Ashur

2. Renaissance Hymn--Jon Schmidt

3. Hymn of Nature--Jon Schmidt

4. For the Beauty of the Earth--Jon Schmidt

5. Pachebel Meets U2--Jon Schmidt

6. Love Story meets Love Story--Jon Schmidt

7. Viva la Vida--Vitamin String Quartet

8. Your Guardian Angel--Vitamin String Quartet

9. I'll Be There--Vitamin String Quartet

10. I Dare You--Vitamin String Quartet

11. Yellow--Vitamin String Quartet



1. Canon in F--The O'Neill Brothers (Seating of Mothers, Grandmothers, etc.)

2. Hymne (Vangelis)--The O'Neill Brothers (Groomsmen, Groom, MOH, and Flower Girl processional)

3. Falling in Love--The O'Neill Brothers (Bride's processional) I totally fell in love with the first 30 seconds of this song. I could just picture myself floating down the aisle to it. It didn't quite work out that way but it still was a great song.



1. The Blood of Cu Chulainn--Jeff & Mychael Danna If you've seen "The Boondock Saints" you might recognize this song. Yes, this was all Steven's idea, but I had to let him have some fun! It was very upbeat and in the end it worked.



1. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing--Aersosmith (Bride & Groom's first dance) Perhaps cheesy and overdone, but Steven has sung pieces of this song to me throughout all of our time dating, and although we considered many others this is the one we kept coming back to.

2. I Believe in You--Don Williams (Father/Daughter dance) My parents used to dance to this song when they were dating, and I was visiting one weekend and they played it for me. It's old-fashioned country, but it's sweet and simple and I loved that it had a history behind it. Since my mom can't really dance anymore, it meant a lot to me to be able to dance with my dad to this song.

3. My Wish--Rascal Flatts (Mother/Son dance) We actually didn't pick this one out--neither Steven nor his mom could settle on anything, so we left it up to the DJ to pick something appropriate. (The DJ was Steven's uncle.) Steven's mom bawled through the entire song, so I guess it was fitting!


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