Jun 02, 2012


How We Met AND the Venue

A long time ago, when I was just a teenage goth girl, I volunteered as part of the tech crew at The Omaha Community Playhouse. (The OCP is the largest community theatre in the nation. It is something most people from Omaha are very proud of.) I got to dress all in black and be part of a wonderful theatre experience. I will always cherish my time there.

Every Christmas the OCP puts on a production of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'. This is still a standard for most people in Omaha, and I worked the show several years in a row. One of my responsibilities was pushing the Cratchit fireplace onto the stage. I would stand behind it during the entire scene and then wheel it off at the proper time. My FI played one of the Cratchit kids several years in a row. I would peer at him from behind the fireplace, thinking of how cute he was. For his part, Ben was terrified of the goth girl. So nothing ever came of it. We didn't go to the same schools, we lived on opposite sides of town, and we fell completely off each others radars for well over 10 years.

FaceBook brought us back together when we both joined the Omaha Community Playhouse group. He was happily surprised to find I was no longer goth. I was happily surprised to find he was still cute. And then it turned out that we both grew up to be nerds! Less than two years later we were engaged.

When deciding on a venue for the ceremony there was really no where else we wanted to go. So, Ben and I will be getting married at the place we originally met.

How We Met AND the Venue photo 1

This is the OCP during Christmas Carol in December. We're getting married in June, but I thought this was just too pretty not to share.

How We Met AND the Venue photo 2

And here it is in the spring.


How We Met AND the Venue photo 4

And this is the stage we will get married on. There won't be a set then, but this can give you an idea of how intimate the space is. (Bonus note: The play pictured above is 'Almost Maine'. The man on stage is my FI. I may not tech anymore but he still acts. And he is really good at it!)


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I love the venue, and so awesome that it plays a big part in your history as a couple!

You so need to get some old photos of the goth girl and the cute boy on here! Sweet!

Love!  This!!

Great venue and what a romantic story :)