May 26, 2012


the venue

The D day is 26 May 2012!! ok still really far far away!!) > OMG soooo close!!!!

It's going to be in Brittany (France)

the venue:

Le manoir de Keringant    

     the wedding photo 1    


the bridal room, where we'll spend our wedding night

          Album : _DSC1319.jpg  Album : _DSC1315.jpg  Album : _DSC1334.jpg


We are planning to do an outside ceremony, which is uncommun in france (we have the civil ceremony in the cityhall and the religious one usually in a church etc...). We are not religious but we wanted to doa nice ceremony based on love that why we are doing this commitment ceremony even if it's not really ok with everyone...

here is my inspirations for the outdoor ceremony:


that should happen in this garden if the weather is kind to us

  under a cherry tree  


the reception is also there, here is the room without cover on the chairs


with cover 


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Your venue is so pretty!  I just love it.

your venue is so classic and gorgeous!

What a stunning venue. Its gorgeous!!

thanks ladies, it's really a great place!