May 28, 2021

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ღ In Loving Memoryღ

Growing up, my grandmother & I were very close.  I went to see her every weekend.  My grandmother was paralyzed, so I went to go help her clean and just to spend time with her.  I remember how she always used to have loose change around waiting for me ^_^  The coolest part about her was the fact that she was the one who introduced my mom to my Mother-in-Love.  I feel like since she was the reason through events that we even met, that she HAS to be there when we have our Vow Ceremony.  She passed in 2001, well before I met my husband, but she knew he was the one for me......I believe it in my heart.  I wore her Engagement ring the day I got married.  To honor her at our Vow Ceremony, I plan to have an identical bouquet to match mine and lay it on a chair in the front row with a sign.  If not, I will definitely have a single flower with a sign in her reserved chair.


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Love this. We did a balloon release for my father-in-law who past away a few months before the wedding.
sweet. love this detail and that you got the shot of it.

That is so touching.  

This is such a neat idea...very sweet!