Mar 16, 2013


Our Colors

So we had some debate at first over colors. I've had my heart set on purple for the past couple of years and since we're getting married so close to St. Patty's day, he wanted green. I couldn't figure out how to make purple and green work. My sister was no help as she kept reminding me that barney was purple and green.

Finally a friend suggested purple and silver. Since silver was his second choice color it was a go! Can't wait to see how the two colors work together! 

So we've (well really me) have changed our colors. AGAIN!. I wasn't happy with our colors and think that finally we've settled on something I can stick with.

Clearly, I need someone to make decisions for me. I have changed my mind once again. We have now hopefully settled on colors. (fingers crossed. third times the charm right?)

Colors are:




(5) Comments

your colours are so pretty. cant wait to see how you put them all together

oooh I LOVE these colors!!

I'm doing purple and gray/silver too!! Purple actually looks really good with little accents of green!! (lime green though...not a dark green) and that could go for St. Patty's day!!

I love your colors!!