May 28, 2021

Zachia Fearce Rumford , the one and only {{{Wedding Remix Bride™}}} Sometimes I aim to please but mostly I just shoot to kill. I'm not a one in a million girl; I'm a once in a lifetime woman.

ღNow we are MATED FOR LIFE!ღ

My husband's favorite animal is the Wolf.  He loves the fact that they mate for life.  With that said what better way to translate that into his wedding band.  It's a custom made one of a kind piece that I have named....Mated for Life

           The final product!

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i love his ring... its unique... i think both of you as a cple are really unique as well.. and love the color of the suit

I love his ring! (and your ring, as well). Beautiful! :D

both of your rings are great and i love the sentimental value of your man's ring. YOUR ring....WOWZA! love the color too!

That suit will look so great on your DH!!! Can't wait to see it! Love the color!