Mar 10, 2012


Going to the Chapel...

If I had to sum up our theme, it would be Jane Austen romance

mixed with some modern chic

Our main color is called Capri (according to David's Bridal)--it's a beautiful light blue.

Of course, it figures that this is one of the colors that's not as popular as others...

My secondary colors are wisteria and champagne.

The flowers will be hydrangeas.  My bouquet will be made up of mostly of blue hydrangeas with blue anemones, blue roses, and white stephanotis.  The wedding cake will also have blue hydrangeas cascading down it.


I plan to do the ribbon on the bouquet the same as in the inspiration pics, but I'm going to use a blue ribbon that matches the capri color.

And my bridesmaids will carry bouquets of cream hydrangeas


 UPDATE:  As of 01/07/2012, the bouquets are finished!  The BMs bouquets are made of cream hydrangeas and are wrapped with a base color that matches each lady's dress and an overwrap of a lace ribbon.  My bouquet has the flowers listed above with added bling; the base of the bouquet is wrapped in capri with a lace ribbon overwrap.  On it is my something old--a ten commandments bracelet my mom received in the 4th grade.


And after seeing mahogonieyes post these in the forum, I went with these adorable paper roses from scrappy9 on etsy for the guys' bouts!  All I did was purchase pin backs and glued them on to the back of the roses and voila!  Simple, clean bouts with a whimsical twist.


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Great inspiration!!! It's almost your big day =)

Love LOVE those music sheet roses!!

I love your colors and I LOVE even more that you are making sure everything reflects you and your FI! your wedding is gonna be great!

I can't believe you made those! They look so professional! Good work by you! :)