Mar 10, 2012


Put a Ring on It...


My DH picked out my ring all by himself--he only asked me what metal I liked and what cut of diamond.  I told him, and I admit, I was a little concerned with what he would pick.  But apparently he'd been looking at rings for awhile, and when he saw this one, he knew it was the one for me, and he was right!

The Bling photo 1

This one was taken right after he proposed (it needed to be sized, but dang it, I was going to wear it!)

The Bling photo 2

And after it was sized...

The Bling photo 3


With the shape of my ring being so unusual, I've had a difficult time finding a wrap, guard, or tracer to go with it that's not an arm and a leg.  We finally went with sterling silver bands from James Avery.  

This is  my band with my e-ring.


This is DH's band.


This is our inscription; it is the same on both rings. 


And as "keeper of the rings", this is me goofing off... 


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Awh, soooo pretty, LOVE your ring!

Well I was going to comment about how much I love the inscriptions but that last picture kind of stole the show....lolololol.  Love it!

Aww its gorgeous!! Congratulations!

I love your ring :) and your last pic!!