Jul 14, 2012


More DIY =)

Here's my DIY aisle runner. Unfortunately, I screwed it up the first time... My mom and I were about 4 inches away from finishing the K and she asked me to hand her something and when I turned back towards the runner, I dropped my paint brush and it splattered allllll over the place!!! I was so mad at myself lol. But oh well..we cut off that first 8 feet or so and started over again, and this time I didn't screw it up! You can't tell, but I sprayed it with spray glue and dusted white and gold glitter all over the painted section, just to give it something extra. I also put sets of 3 gems all around the K, names and dates! I like the way it came!! The gold will go a little better in the church (which is done in browns and tans and golds) than our purple, teal, and aqua color scheme, I thought! Hope you guys like it =)

More DIY photo 1 

More DIY photo 2

More DIY photo 3

Table Numbers -- each one is a different photo taken on beach vacations by us over the years, with the exception of two engagement pictures we used from our photog :)

Photobooth poem with instructions for each place setting:

My garter, which was also made out of the lace of my mom's dress :)

Bouquet gems.. these can be seen in action in my DIY flower post. I think they came great at a fraction of the cost.. online these things are lik $30 for six. I think I paid about $6 for 15 lol, and I can't imagine there being a big difference from the ones you buy!

DIY ringbearer pillow and flowergirl basket:

My mom did the pillow... I love how she embroidered a K on it... it came so cute!

Our unity candle -- it will either have water in it or sand and a floating candle.. probably water, though!

 And here are the pew decorations! We decided to go with starfish instead of flowers to save on costs a little bit! I think they came cute!



Not sure yet if I'm going to use these at the wedding.. maybe on the trolley during transportation, but I'm definitely going to get tons of use out of them either way :)

And a close-up of the gems I added.. gotta have bling, of course :)

Whew, I feel like I have a whole lot to add here! I wish I had a list so I could remember to post everything!!

Don't know when I'll use this lol.. It was just for fun to test the glitter out, and I did use it at my bridal shower!

LOVE letters for our cake table decor :)

Little poem to go with the memorial candles below

I did fix these to make the photos all the same size and make them nice and even, but I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped them up and packed them!

Kids' basket, complete with DIY coloring books, crayons, glow sticks, and some playing cards!

My bling bridal hoodie with my future last name, to use to get ready on the morning of.. love, love, love this one ;)

I swear it's not crooked.. just how I had it on ;)

 Just Married car vinyl:

Our blinged up monogram that will go on the dance floor.. thanks sooo much again to Halsey, ridegrl1, for creating a gorgeous monogram... it's going to sparkle and shine while we dance the night away :)

*The blue backgrounds won't be there, just the white writing for both of these.. that's just because the backs of the words are sticky, so it needs to be on something until it's transferred to the floor/car!

And, finally, a gift for my parents.. it's going to have a photo from my wedding and a photo from my brother's wedding someday when he gets married. The lace is actually my mom's dress.. I am going to love seeing their reaction to seeing it at the RD♥

I wish the photo was better of the frame.. it really came gorgeous, with gold glitter cardstock and the pretty white lace!!

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I am in DIY swoon.

I am in awe of all these DIY projects!

I am LOVING these! Such a wonderful, personal touch to tie in with your theme!

You are a DIY machine!

I agree with SDonisi she took the words right out my mouth.