Apr 23, 2011


*Pro Pics: {{Reception}}

The reception was amazing beyond words.  Our wedding coordinator went above and beyond with decorating. Sooo many people kept telling me that my dress was the most gorgeous they’d ever seen.  The food was delicious.  The cake was gorgeous and was the best tasting wedding cake I’d ever eaten...I’m so not kidding.  Our DJ and MC played and said everything exactly like we wanted.  My bouquet toss prank worked perfectly!  And EVERYONE was on the dance floor...including my 94 year old great grandmother in her wheel chair!  

At the end of the reception, after being pelted with birdseed, DH and I boarded our trolley with the bridal party and all of our friends and cousins to go to downtown Charlotte.  The entire ride was so much fun and everyone kept talking about how awesome the trolley trip was.  By the time we got to downtown, we realized that my coordinator failed to put my bag on the trolley, so I had no ID to go to the Irish pub where we were having our after party.  But it was totally fine because DH and I decided we were exhausted and wanted to turn in.  I’m kind of sad we didn’t go out, but I’m glad DH and I could also have our night just the two of us.  This morning back at the hotel everyone could not stop talking about how much fun they had.  Apparently the Irish band rocked and everyone got completely schnockered.  They all had some hilarious stories to tell and said it was THE best wedding they had ever been to.  

When I woke up the morning of the wedding, I said to myself, “Something WILL go wrong.  Be prepared.”  But nothing really did!  It was such an incredible day, and I will never ever forget it. 

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Wow. How amazing

Wow!!! You were dancing your life away! What a fun reception and that cake is to die for! Then you had the nerve to change from a gorgeous wedding gown to a fabulous reception dress. I loved every picture!

Your wedding was just perfection, Lauren!!  Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Your cake is TO DIE FOR! It looks absolutely beautiful in that lighting!