Mar 10, 2012


Kiss on My List

I kept track of my to-do list; if you like it, please feel free to borrow it.

Choose a color scheme / theme (12/20/2010)

Determine a date (02/01/2011)

Search for a ceremony venue and reception venue (12/20/2010)

Decide on a budget (12/20/2010)

Start the guest list (12/20/2010)

Create your wedding website (12/20/2010)

Search for a ceremony musician (12/24/2010)

Start shopping for gown (05/20/2011)

Choose the members of your wedding party (05/01/2011)

Search for a wedding stationer (05/20/2011)

Design and create favors (05/20/2011)

Purchase gifts for bridal party (05/20/2011)

Determine your ceremony music selections (09/10/2011)

Book your photographer for e-pics and wedding (05/30, 08/16/2011)

Book your invitations vendor (05/30/2011)

Select dress and place order (05/30/2011)

Search for wedding cake maker (06/03/2011)

Search for hairstylist (06/03/2011)

Search for officiant (06/07/2011)

Order wedding cake (06/10/2011)

Set up wedding registries and add to website (06/17/2011)

Book the ceremony and reception venue (08/21/2011)

Finalize guest list (07/10/2011)

Start shopping for bridesmaids dresses (07/09/2011)

Book officiant (07/17/2011)

Select bridesmaids dresses; have attendants place orders (07/16/2011)

Plan rehearsal dinner (09/09)

Let OOT guests know about hotels in area (01/15/2012)

Select and confirm rentals (09/13/2011, 02/16/2012)

Finalize rehearsal dinner venue (01/18/2012)

Check and update registries (CONSTANTLY!)

Plan and book honeymoon (12/04/2011)

Choose groom's attire (08/12/2011)

Purchase accessories for gown--headpiece, jewelry, lingerie, garter, shoes (09/30/2011, 12/, 09/17/2011, 12/20/2011, 09/15/2011)

Schedule ceremony rehearsal and notify attendants (01/18/2012)

Finalize text for invitations and order (09/05, 01/06/2012)

Book hair appointment (01/07)

Choose groomsmen attire; send info to rent (08/12/2011)

Discuss and confirm plans for bach parties and showers (02/24/2012, 12/20/2011)

Address invitations (01/25/2012)

Schedule fitting appointments

  • First fitting--(10/29/2011)
  • Second fitting--(01/19/2012)
  • Third fitting--(01/22/2012)

Purchase wedding bands (11/19/2011)

Send out invitations (01/27/2012)

Create bouquets and bouts (01/07/2012, 02/06/2012)

Purchase guest book box and pens (01/26/2012)

Send thank you notes for gifts (???)

Finalize order of service with officiant (01/15/2012)

Design and print programs and favor sign (02/27/2012)

Design and create bride and groom signs for dressing rooms (03/03/2012)

Research marriage license requirements (08/20/2011)

Alert wedding party of rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (01/18/2012)

Get ceremony and reception music copies to venue for review (01/18/2012)

Pick up wedding rings (12/02/2011)

Create a wedding day schedule; give to all attendants and vendors (03/06/2012)

Obtain marriage license (02/14/2012)

Contact guests who haven't RSVPed 

Make sure vendors will have access to site 

Confirm head count and delivery time with wedding cake vendor (03/06/2012)

Determine wedding day assignments for attendants and confirm with them (03/05/2012)

Pick up tuxes (03/07/2012)

Shop and pack for honeymoon (03/08/2012)

Confirm photographer and "must-take" photo list (02/26/2012)

Confirm wedding day beauty appointments (03/09/2012)

Confirm all honeymoon travel plans; give itinerary and phone number to someone in case of emergency. (03/05/2012)

Pull together wedding day attire and emergency kit (3/9/2012)

Rehearse the ceremony with officiant and wedding party (3/9/2012)

Give FH his gift (3/10/2012)

GET HITCHED! (3/10/2012)


(8) Comments

Look at you chopping this list down! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song from the title of this bio section! It's my guilty pleasure, dance-around-like-a-dork-when-no-one-is-around song! LOL

AWESOME job crossing things off the list!!!  Keep it comin' girl and you'll be done in no time!  :)

Looks like you are moving right along!! :) It will all get done, I promise!! :)

Actually, Shawna, I did quite a bit of this during my summer break, because I anticipated I'd have a ton of stuff to do during the school year.