Jul 14, 2012


A veil with meaning♥

I wanted to share a very special veil with you guys... this is my mom's veil, which we redid together. Next time I go home I will look for her wedding pictures, because I forgot to take a before picture =( It had one of those big lacy headpieces and a blusher on it, but we removed both of those and cut about 8 inches of length off of the lace veil that we redid. My mom then sewed it onto a comb and barette and we added tons of swarovski gems and beads to give it lots of sparkle. I am sooo incredibly happy with how this came out. I always loved cathedral veils, but the second I saw my mom's veil, I knew I wanted to use it. It was just so beautiful and romantic and classic that I knew it was perfect. My mom really did an incredible job, and I am so glad we got to do this project together and that she let me cut apart and use this for my own day. It truly is going to be one of my most favorite and special things for my wedding day. I have the best mom ever♥

A veil with meaning♥ photo 1

A veil with meaning♥ photo 2

A veil with meaning♥ photo 3

A veil with meaning♥ photo 4

A veil with meaning♥ photo 5

A veil with meaning♥ photo 6


We redid the veil again.. the actual comb piece was a little crooked and it just didn't have the sparkle that this gorgeous veil deserved, so we took that part of it apart and gave it a new comb piece, and added a few more beads too :)

You can see all the beads good in this photo below. I wish we got a better shot of the back of my head with it on lol.



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LOVE LOVE LOVE your veil.

I love the story that goes with your veil. it is beautiful! <3 and so sweet.

i got goosebumps!

That is such a great moment between the two of you

thats sooo special.