Jun 23, 2012


*GASP* You're doing a first look?!

Yes we are doing a reveal moment or a "first look."

Here's why: 

  • FI is a different person behind closed doors when it's just him and I. He's sometimes romantic and mushy and very charming. I want that raw emotion of just him and I before we say I DO. I think it'll help calm our nerves and be a very intimate moment before the whirlwind of the day begins. 
  • We'll get photos out of the way so that we can actually enjoy our cocktail hour with our family and friends

And if that wasn't reason enough, read this blog entry about First Looks from a photographer's angle. 


(2) Comments

I did first looks as well as my brother during his wedding.  The thing is....you get those amazing photos with fresh make up and hair.  But there's nothing like the moment your eyes meet when coming down the aisle.  So you get two awesome times together instead of one.  Im always for it!

Totally on the same page as you!!! Love that we will be able to share that moment together :)