Jun 02, 2012


The Engagement Ring, Then and Now.

My mother passed away when I was seven from ALS. Her rings were divided amongst her three daughters. One sister was given her class ring, one was given her wedding band, and I was given her engagement ring. We each received our rings when we graduated from high school. (Over ten years ago. Yikes, time flies!) I've been holding on to it since then, not thinking much about it. Sometimes I would wear it on a chain, sometimes I would wear it on my right hand. My FI had the smarts to not try and buy me a new ring. It may be small tiny infinitesimally miniscule, but it was my mother's ring and it represents to me what love really means. My father never remarried.

The Engagement Ring Then and Now photo 1


When we told my father about our engagement, he immediately asked to upgrade the ring. I wasn't sure how I felt about changing a ring that meant so much to me just the way it was. Dad explained that he was always saddened that he never got to upgrade it for mom, so he wanted to do it for us. How could I tell him no? 

I took the ring in to Borsheims, where a friend Ryan works, to see what could be done, what I would like, and what would be in budget for my retired father. They were MORE than helpful and understanding of the situation. In the end, the band stayed exactly the same. The setting was enlarged and a new (five times larger) diamond was put in. So now I have a ring that is a little of my mother and a little bit of me. And I couldn't be happier. 


The Engagement Ring Then and Now photo 2


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I said it once and I'll say it again. That is a beautiful story!!!! Makes me tear up everytime I read it!!!

Awwww.  That's an awesome story!  I'm so glad you get to have a ring that's a happy reminder of your mom, but also something that's now a part of you and your FI!

Gorgeous!!!! I love the story and everything behind it!

Oh, I absolutely adore it. How wonderful for you to carry a little of your mom and dad into your future with your soon to be hubby. I love it. All the best to you and congrats! Yay for love....and mommies...and daddies...and...