Mar 10, 2012


The Sweet Escape

Ahh, the honeymoon, usually the first trip taken by the new husband and wife.  For us, we have had the craziest time planning it, but it has nothing to do with us not being able to make a decision.  Here's the story of what happened.

Honeymoon Plan #1:

My MOH and FSIL, Alesha, offered us their cabin in Arkansas for the week after our wedding.  This was the plan:


We will leave after church Sunday morning and head toward our destination.  We will make a pit-stop in Tyler, Texas, and stay at the Woldert-Spence Manor B&B Sunday night.


 We're heading to a small town in Arkansas for about a week where my FSIL and her family own a cabin.  Here it is in the wintertime:

The Possible Honeymoon photo 6

FSIL is going to have some brochures of places we can visit while we're there.


 Honeymoon Plan #2:

  When FH changed jobs, we found out that he didn't get vacation and they wouldn't give him extra time off, so we decided to plan a mini-moon in Houston.

The Mini-Moon 

The Omni Houston in Houston, TX (

It's a gorgeous hotel near the Galleria in Houston.  It has great reviews, and my mom and her husband have stayed there several times and have had rave reviews of it.  It's a bit pricier, but we like the look of it, and when we went to tour the hotel, the staff was AMAZING!


Honeymoon Plan #3: 

FH ended up getting another job after losing his first one; this one involves shift work, but the schedule gives him seven days off in a row at some point, and his boss is willing to work his schedule to where he can get those seven days for our wedding and honeymoon.  So Arkansas was back on--until we found out that Alesha was needing to sell or rent the cabin, and there wasn't a guarantee that it would be available when we needed it.  I was okay with it, but FH was bummed because he fell in love with Arkansas and has wanted to take me there ever since his first visit.  So I said okay, we'll find a cheaper hotel or B & B and we'll limit our visit to three nights.  So after looking on the Hot Springs, Arkansas, website and rummaging through each option that was under $100 a night, we found the Alpine Inn.  On the outside, it looks like Norman Bates is the owner, but on the inside, the rooms are so cute.  And out of all of the reviews we read, there was literally only one negative review on TripAdvisor, and it had to do with a potential customer who verbally attacked the owner.  Everything else on TripAdvisor, Google, and Yahoo was fantastic--rooms were comfy, the Scottish owners were fantastic and name it!  And you can't beat the price--$67.80 per night for a room with a queen bed, TV, free wifi, minifridge, full-size coffee maker with the fixings, and microwave, and $79.10 for a similar room with a king bed.  We couldn't pass it up.

This is the room we're staying in!

The Runners-Up

Find #1

Clipper House Inn in Kemah, Texas (

This inn is made up of cottages of various sizes, and there is a winery on the premises.  The cottage we're looking at here is the Mont Blanc ($129 per night before taxes).

(picture courtesy of

Find #2

Sara's Bed and Breakfast Inn in Houston, Texas (

This is a small inn in central Houston.  The room we're looking at is the Fredericksburg room; FH really likes the look of this place, but the price ($129 per night with a queen bed) isn't as enticing as some of the other options.


Find #3

The InterContinental Houston Near the Galleria (

This particular hotel received some good reviews, and it's $104 per night before taxes.  Not very high on the list for me, but it's an option. (photos provided by


Find #4

Hilton University of Houston in Houston, Texas (

Once again, another fairly inexpensive option that has received really good reviews; at $109.00 per night with parking before taxes, it's not bad.


Find #5

Hotel Indigo at the Galleria in Houston, Texas (

I love the boutique hotel feel of this; to me, it makes me feel more like I'll be on a honeymoon rather than a trip for work and my FH is tagging along.  The rate is at $109.00 before taxes.  All pics provided by


Find #6

Aloft Houston in Houston, Texas (

Okay, so I can say this freely on here without worrying about FH reading it...but this is the hotel I have fallen in love, lust, infatuation, whatever with!  And the price is right--$89 per night before taxes (estimated $104.00 with taxes per night).  It looks like a gorgeous hotel and has received some good reviews.  Pics courtesy of



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I am so jealous of all your amazing finds, and the place you finally ended up choosing looks beautiful. Makes me wish we were taking a honeymoon!!! Enjoy your relaxing post-wedding time in Arkansas with your sweetie:)

Wow all those places look great!

aww you are going to have an AWESOME time! And What a killer deal you are getting!

You've got some amazing options!!  I know you will have an awesome time, no matter where you go :)