Sep 10, 2011

DH and I have been together 10 years now...holy crap! Married for nearly two and loving every second of time I spend with this wonderful man. PW was a lifesaver for my wedding and I just can't bring myself to leave! I just adore all the amazing women I meet and the opportunity to see so many creative, beautiful weddings is just awesome!

My DIY plans - vision and reality!!

I wouldn't have even entertained the notion of DIYing anything for my wedding before I found PW!! I have ZERO crafty abilities, I'm not kidding when I say I have issues with stick people :)

But I've seen sooo many lovely things on here, I decided to give it a try. I tackled invites first, and while I was completely overwhelmed when I got started, they turned out way better than I could have hoped, and that has given me courage to try a few more things....


My inspiration and actual invites!

My DIY plans photo 1My DIY plans photo 2


I found what seemed to be an easy tutorial to make wrap-labels. Here is the inspiration: wasn't as easy as I thought! I was determined, and luckily I had a lot of time on my hand at that point! After a lot of trial and error, I came up with these that I fit 8 to a page in Microsoft Word. We printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 label paper.


My next project will be the favors. I struggled for a long time to find something unique that wouldn't break the bank, and I finally settled on cookie cutters!

My DIY plans photo 3 my inspiration


ACTUAL...I'm so incredibly pleased and proud of these!  :)



Finally, my mom and I are going to tackle pomanders for the aisle. I had first thought to do regular flower balls, but that is just going to be too much money, either to have someone make or to do ourselves. Then I found an article on tissue pomanders!

Here's the inspiration, also from PW! Bride Marinag :)

My DIY plans photo 5 We are going to do some in green and some in pink!

Hopefully the aisle will look something like this:

My DIY plans photo 6


I loooove how these turned out, my Mom did an awesome job!! We ended up using a Martha Stewart design I found on line, Google Tissue Paper Poms by Martha if you want the directions!



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For you not to be crafty you sure did a grand job! Love the cookie cutter favors!

OMG I love your DIYs ang especially your favors!!!

Your favors have inspired me to sew my tea sachets into heart shapes with a heart shaped tag with the tea quote or poem on the envelope of the tea bag.

Lady these are really great!