Sep 02, 2012


Frustrating search for a Caterer.

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Hello PW Divas!

SO lately I've been feeling  like I am one of the judges on CHOPPED. I've been looking for a caterer and have not had any luck so far. I've interviewed and recieved quotes from 6 caterers, and the only thing I've acomplished to do was give myself a great big headache. One of the main reasons I chose my venue was because it allowed me to choose my own caterer. I was completely excited about it cause I figured it would equal out to be major savings for me. So far, I'm not seeing the savings!! I've interviewed about 6 caterers and so far, I'm just not thrilled about the quotes I've been getting.

 I am expecting a guest count of about 120 max. The lowest price quote I recieved was about $7,000 and that is not including tax and gratuity! Does anyone else think that is rediculous? I can see spending that kind of money on some fancy food that I can't pronounce, but spending that on some stuffed chicking with bread stuffing  or some roast beef....I don't think so.

So for now I am still on the hunt. I am waiting for quotes from 3 promising caterers who were willing to work with me on my budget. Hopefully I can get this finalized so I can start working on other parts of the wedding. Wish me luck girls...


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Your inspirations are awesome and love your colors. So far your doing great with your planning, dont worry you will find a caterer. Do you have a favorite resturant? check with them because sometimes you can get them to caterer for you and since you already like their food, you would know what your getting.