Feb 10, 2012


DIY List

so far my DIY list

a cathedral veil

an elbow length veil

STD's (done and sent)

DIY List photo 1DIY List photo 2DIY List photo 3

guestbook pages (to put together after the wedding). I love dodgercpkl's.

DIY List photo 4DIY List photo 5




thank you cards

bride and groom signs

reserved signs

water bottle covers

favor tags

tears of joy packets

photobooth signs

bar signs

vow cards

favors (i don't know what yet)

flower or fabric pomanders for ceremony

flower centerpieces

bouquets for all girls and me

bouts for all guys

crosage for my mom and grandmas

flower girl basket

photobooth and props

BM totes with day of survival kits

name hangers for BM's and GM's

Wine glasses for BM's and GM's

GM gifts

BM dresses

Bridal Party shirts or robes

my bracelet and earrings

bling my shoes

my make-up



cake topper (kind of a DIY) (I have to look up what I want and have someone else do the art)

memory candles

make photo must have list

make timeline

make music playlist

make don't forget list

Order GM shoes or make them

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