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My Dress

I actually got my dress from David's Bridal back last month...but I made a slight mistake.  I saw it in the store and really loved it, but they didn't have my size and apparently the only way I could ever really try it on would be to buy it.  So...I did.  Luckily DB is fairly cheap and the manager said if I didn't like it, I could exchange it for another one.  I would be stuck getting a dress there, but that's ok.  I am not a dress person and DB has decent dresses for budget brides.

But I ordered it in ivory because I thought it would look best on my Asian skin (hey, it looked really great on Margaret).  But I never saw the ivory in the store.  The one I saw was white.  I should've known better.  Who knew there was such a difference between ivory and white (...only a bride)?  When I got the dress, I still loved the style, but something was off.  I took it home and realized it was the ivory color.  It wasn't the same as the one in store, so I exchanged it and now I should be getting it in March.  *fingers crossed*

So this is a Galina dress I bought at DB.

Dresses photo 1


Bridesmaid Dress

I sort of copied Margaret on this one.  It's the same dress as the one I wore for her wedding, but chose strapless instead of a halter top.  I had to act quick because JCrew was only offering the purple color (not the pink-ish one featured below) during the summer.  I mainly chose JCrew for convenience because my bridesmaids are spread out throughout the country, and (I'm going to say it) I felt that they really could wear this not-made-to-be-a-bridesmaid-dress dress outside of the wedding.  And if they don't want to, well at least I didn't make some of them pay too much because since it was seasonal, it went on sale towards the end of summer for $49.

Dresses photo 2


I was also fortunate enough to go to Japan with my family a few months ago and I found these beautiful fans that the BMs can carry in lieu of a bouquet.  Our groomsmen are going to wear barongs (Filipino dress shirts), so I figured these fans can represent my Japanese culture in our ceremony.  The fan is actually a dark blue color, but I thought it's a nice enough contrast with the purple dress (which is actually a bit lighter in real life).  Don't want to be too matchy-matchy or else it'll get lost!

Dresses photo 3


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YAY! I love the fan with that dress!