Dec 15, 2012


The Proposal

The proposal took place on a wonderful evening just before sunset at the house Nick's family owns that is located on Lake Michigan. We had spent nearly two weeks at the house on Lake Michigan were I had finally gotten to know his family much better considering we did not get to see them very often because they live up north and we live in the south. I started out the trip to Michigan thinking that he may propose while we were there but as the trip was coming to an end I had given up and figured he was not going to propose while we were there. Near the end of our vacation in Michigan Nick's brother Jeremy showed up at around 2am one night. The following evening we along with the rest of his family that was there were gathered on the porch to watch the sun set. There were not enough seats so we were standing. Nick all the sudden starting hugging me from behind then he turned me around got down on one knee and asked asked me to Marry Him. This rendered me speechless for nearly a minute in that time I just nodded yes until I could make out the word. 

The Proposal photo 1  The Proposal photo 2

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super awesomr!!!!!!!!!

That is so beautiful!! I'm happy for you guys!

Beautiful engagement story. Congratulations.

Awesome story! I got chills! ;) Beatiful picture and ring! Congrats!