May 04, 2013

Married since May 4th 2013, and happy to offer wedding planning tips from experience!

Hair, Make Up, Nails, and Accessories

The Hair

I'm a hairstyist, and you would be surprised, but I actually do not want my hair done up all fancy. I want to be recognized by my fiance. I'm envisioning some loose curls, down with a headband of jewelry. The jewelry is going to be a gold chain that has a very unique pattern that belonged to my great grandmother.

Hair Make Up Nails and Accessories photo 2



I definately want the classic smokey eye and nude lip.

The Nails

I want something neutral, like the American manicure (as opposed to the French manicure - pink and white) which is beige and soft white tips. And, of course, in Shellac

The Glasses

I started looking for inspiration of brides in glasses because I cannot imagine not wearing my signature specs on my wedding day!

The Shoes

I'm already quite tall (5'8"!!!) and I am my fiance's height when I wear high heels! So I am going to stick with low, comfortable Toms! In a lovely lace.

(3) Comments

I love your inspiration! Your glasses will look adorable with your wedding dress (I love a bride that isn't afraid to be herself on her wedding day). Those Toms look so comfy, and you can wear them again after the wedding. Great choices:)

I absolutely LOVE this concept! Brides in specs are adorable :)))

amazing..we almost have the same ideas when it comes to hair..