Jul 30, 2011



They were very unprofessional in reminding us twice over the phone about paying a tip. This is before the event took place. This is on top of being reminded another two times in the mail. We were reminded again with a letter in the mail after the event. A tip should not be expected and it is not a guarantee. It is optional. We paid for someone to do a good job. We would have tipped but decided against doing so because we were pressured. In the letter they even put a recommended amount. This is beyond unprofessional behavior.

I forgot to mention that I was lied too. I was told that uplighting was part of our package over the phone but it was not. I signed the contract and forgot to check but I was surprised when the dj came and told me this wasn't included. I talked to the DJ the week of and even put a list of times on his table but when dinner came be came over and asked when dinner should start. This made dinner start late. My doc had to remind him a few times when event times were. This was settled when we talked a few days before. It was like he forgot. I was told over the phone that a second person would be with the dj to ensure everything was going to be okay. This was a lie too. Out of all of my vendors I was so beyond disappointed with this company. They seem professional but would say just about anything to book you. They are so very unprofessional!!!!

Vendor response to review

Since many people are using a DJ service for their first time, many are not aware that gratuity is a standard part of the service industry. Just like other aspects in a typical wedding day we try to educate the clients as much as we can throughout the planning process to hopefully avoid any last minute surprises. We do let people know that our service is all inclusive with the exception of gratuity. Just like any other job in the service industry it is a large part of the performers' income. There are some companies that will charge an automatic percentage once you reserve them. We feel by keeping it as an optional but appreciated gesture it is more professional. Sorry you were offended. We are happy your big day was an overall success.

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