Nov 05, 2011


The Proposal

Tom and I have been dating for only a month when we decided to bring up marriage on what we wanted in life. We seemed to want the same things and obviously we were completely in love.


One afternoon we went on a trip to New Hope, PA to check out the stores. We passed by an antique jewelry shop- which I am totally into old jewelry- we went in and when the owner asked if we were looking for anything in particular I said no but Tom quickly said "Can I see your engagement rings?"


I was in shock that I was actually trying on engagement rings! It was there that we picked out my ring-

The Proposal photo 1


The ring had to be made and it took over a month to create. So Tom and I went on another trip to the shore and stayed over a night to spend some time at the beach. It was there that he actually proposed to me- On the beach at sunset!

The Proposal photo 2


of course I said YES


The Proposal photo 3


And that is how this planning process all started.

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Thank you!!!!
Your ring is beyond gorgeous!!

gourgous ring! fav wedding related meme :D

what a cute story! LOVE the ring :) congrats!