Jun 23, 2012


::I said YES to THE Dress::

After a full day of shopping I began to get a little discouraged. Bridal salons have 2 issues - they don't have a huge selection of samples in bigger sizes and secondly the samples they do have are being purchased by brides who are in a rush for a dress and/or don't have time to order. 

I went shopping on Saturday with my Mom, Grandma, and Sister only and found two that I really liked but they didn't feel like they were 'IT'. Besides that none of us could really agree on anything. My Mom and Gma really liked the flowy ciffon type dresses and I didn't. They didn't provide any shape to my curves and made me feel and look wider (in my eyes) than I really am.

I had one appt set up for Sunday where my other bridesmaids and my FMIL would join my Mom, Grandma, Sister and my Nephew. Then it happened, 4th or 5th dress in. Rouching, beading, bling, corset back, and a very soft lightweight material made a very soft romantic looking gorgous dress!!! Everyone loved this dress and I was getting that feeling that I really really liked this one. As soon as I looked at the back and a veil got put on me - is when it hit me. Yes I got teary eyed and so did my Mom. I think my FMIL even choked up and it takes a lot to get to her. LOL 

Here she is! 

I said YES to THE Dress photo 1I said YES to THE Dress photo 2

The second one I'm looking over at my Mom. <3 Such a magical moment. This truly was a phenomenol experience and I'm so glad and grateful that I got to share this with her.

I said YES to THE Dress photo 3

Audrey (Grandma), Amber (Sister), Hayden (Nephew), Tammy (Mom)

I said YES to THE Dress photo 4

Sierra (BM), Trish (FMIL), Kari (BM). My 4th BM (FI's sister Amanda) is hiding behind the chairs. lol

Some more shots of the detailing - photos we took don't do it justice. The photos below are from when my dress actually came in. 

What you can't see is the snag that was about an inch long in the front on the left side of the skirt. So the salon called Allure. Long story short they offered me $150 off the snagged dress or a new dress ordered on RUSH that would be here June 7th or earlier. Which would leave me 2 weeks for alterations. 

2nd Dress came in on May 25th and my shoes came in on the 27th! Picked up my PERFECT dress on Mon the 28th and then dropped it off that same day at the seamstress.

My shoes waiting for me - my Mom shot this while I was getting into my dress.

Me with my Mom in MY dress!


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So lovely!!

Awww!!! I love your dress!!! The beading in this dress is amazing! And I love the something blue shoes!!!! Just fantastic!