Sep 22, 2012


The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid #1 - FI's youngest daughter. 

This is FI's youngest daughter and will be the first one down the ailse to stand beside her father.  FI is not the most visibly emotional guy, but I know when he sees his gorgeous daughter approaching him, he will be blown away! 

As a teenager, Lauren is more interested in spending time with her friends and not so much time with myself and FI, although when she is around you're bound to be laughing at her.  She can be very funny and silly.  My only worry is, if someone is going to trip coming down the aisle, it may just be Lauren.  I pray it's not, but I'm telling you, that girl is a walking accident.  

I am hoping this is a bonding experience for myself and Lauren and look forward to sharing the fun of wedding day planning with her. 


Lily Wood

This is BM #2.  My youngest daughter, Lily and her little prince and "Best Man", Tyshaun. 

The year between my daughter and myself has been a crazy one to say the least, but I've learned things work out how they will and you take one day at a time, one situation as it comes and move on. 

Lily is a princess in the grandest proportions, said not as disrespectful as it may sound.  She will add a sense of class and beauty to the day. 

I look forward to many more memories I will make with her and to share in this day that means so much to me is hard to put in to words.


Bridesmaid #3 - FI's oldest daugther

As with FI's youngest daughter, his oldest, Lynnette, we don't see near enough. 

Watching Lynnette grow in to the wonderful young woman she is becoming is truly like watching a flower open its petals.  In my time, while in FI's life, I've watched Lynnette go through many changes, as you can well expect from a girl ranging in age from 14-19. 

Unlike FI's youngest daughter, Lynnette is not near as outgoing and more reserved.  I worry about her being nervous when her turn to walk approaches.  I am hopeful she is comforted by the fact that she's not the first one to walk! 

No matter the nerves.  This will be fun!


The Bridesmaids photo 1

Bridesmaid #4 - My oldest daughter

This is my wonderful, spontaneous, full-of-life daughter, Alyssa. She is my oldest, and my first confirmed BM.  She is a little firecracker and right now, my biggest supporter in this wedding.  

I look forward to sharing this wedding planning with her.  She is my BM dress model you've seen in previous pictures.

I find it incredible to be in the process of this planning and to be doing it with Alyssa.  We have had a roller coaster relationship, but all that has brought us very close and I wouldn't change much of that to be in a place of such a strong relationship that we share today.

She does my heart proud!


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How sweet that your bridesmaid's will be your daughters and stepdaughters. Love it!

I love that it's your daughters, it'll be great to see the two families come together so nicely

What an intimate wedding party, perfection!

I love how your families are incorporated in the wedding!