Aug 25, 2012


My DIY's...

My first DIY project is my candy bar... I have all my jars now and did practice label. I plan to make labels for each candy using my cricut machine. Not sure what saying or type of Candy Bar sign I want to do yet. I also want to tie ribbon around each jar to make it a little more fancy.

As far as candy type ,I originally wanted to base my candies around our colors but I love candy so much and want all my favs :) so its gonna be a mix of different kinds.

My DIY s photo 1

I also have 4 of these penny candy jars but didnt have a picture. So I will have a total of 11 jars...


My DIY s photo 2My DIY s photo 3



I just bought my sign off of Etsy...

My DIY s photo 4


DIY "Reserved" seating signs...

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I love the sweet treats sign you made and I am an avid lover of! Great job!

I love your reserved seating signs. I may have to use that idea :)

Great ideas love them 

I ABSOLUTELY love your reserved seating signs!