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The shoes

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Here goes the tale of my shoes. (You can click links to see what I'm talking about or to see forum posts from the time.)

January Found shoes I loved, right after getting engaged (1.5 years from the wedding). I decided that I didn't want to jump on anything, and regret spending my money on shoes I didn't end up wanting. So I waited.

February Decided that I really loved the shoes, and was going to buy and wear them for every-day if I decided not to use them for the wedding. Went to purchase, found out they were sold out. Posted my first "help" post on PW.

March I go silent on PW about shoes, but continue to look on my own. A lot. I email my mom at least once a week with a new shoe idea. I don't find anything that I like, only things that I'll "settle" for.

July I find two pairs of shoes that are okay. I consider purchasing, and even post on PW about it. In the end, I realize I'm just trying to settle.

August 9 I start getting desperate. I post a plea to PW-ers. I email the manufacturers of the original shoes to see if they have any left overs. I start a pinterest board dedicated to shoes that I can't have.

August 15 I consider a shoe from Light in the Box, but decide I'm trying to settle again.

August 21 I start searching international sellers & sites. I find a gorgeous pair on eBay UK, but it says they can't ship to the USA. I email the seller, and she agrees to send them to me if I win. I bid.

August 28 Someone else bids on my shoes, 24 hours before the auction ends. I kick that bid in the butt and send myself over budget.

August 29 I win!

August 30 They are shipped from UK and should arrive to me within two weeks or so!

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Glad you got your shoes!!! Those are adorable!