Sep 14, 2012



Updated pic below!

Here's a pic of my BLING! Please excuse my bare finger nails. I do too many dishes for me to keep the polish on. I advised my FH to purchase a ring set with both the engagement ring and wedding band. I had heard from other brides that it was very difficult for them to match up their E-ring to a wedding band when it was bought separately. These ladies had to actually custom make their wedding bands, which cost them a good extra penny to get done. So we avoided all that and he came home with this. I think he did a great job...don't you?!


****UPDATE**** Took a better pic of my e-ring and wedding band today, with my nails done and no blurriness! HA!

*****UPDATE* 3/27/11****

I finally bought FIs ring yesterday! He has really manly hands and it was hard for me to find something for him that didn't look feminine. We had both liked this ring from when we first got engaged but it was $500 at Kohls. I kept an eye out for it and finally found it on sale. YAY!

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Such a pretty sparkling bling!

bling, bling!!! Love them!

Gorgeous bling!!!!

Pretty Pretty ringss!!!!