Sep 10, 2011


ThE DeTaiLs...

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I love this idea! Our escort cards are going to be balloons, color coded to suit each guests selected meal. We will have a calligrapher writing each name and table name.



Source This is my lovely garter set, purchased from etsy (secretly addicted to that site.) Yes I know it is the Oakland Raiders, that is FI's fave football team so I figured I would support him :)


ThE DeTaiLs photo 1What does a t-shirt launcher have to do with a wedding you ask? I wondered the same thing... My lovely mom and FI worked up this little scheme that he would wrap the garter around a t-shirt and launch it into the crowd... Fingers crossed he doesn't break anything...

 ThE DeTaiLs photo 2<-- This is the t-shirt we are going to use.

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I can't belive my eyes! I think we are one in the same! We totally joked about having a t-shirt shooter! So...purple...balloons...t-shirt gun...we just might be twins!